Deck Analysis #4: One Turn Heal

Today we show the dreaded One Turn Heal deck that can make you many enemies. But who knows, maybe this is just the right deck for you ;)

New Card Releases and the Way Forward!

In May we are starting monthly card releases, and with them a brand new season - Ancients Rising. Read the full article for all the exciting details!

Deck Analysis #3: Alexa Valor

Today we are discussing the Valor deck, which has a lot of raw power, and is quite easy to build if you have purchased the campaign!

Deck Analysis #2: Snakes

If you are into alternative win conditions, in this case decay a.k.a. "milling", this deck is definitely the one for you! Check out the guide by Rinriet.

Deck analysis #1: Totems

The first in the article series by Rinriet for extensive deck guides, discussing the Shaman / Totem deck. It is an absolute blast to play!